Spotting 1,000+ Hacking Blogs in under 2 Hours

One of the many marks of hacking is being able and knowing how to find information quickly. Efficiently and effectively.

For the start of this blog, I needed to research all the types of security blogs out there. I was never good at finding information of that sort quickly. This time was different. Here is what I did.

Preparing and Measuring

I'm not a crack myself, thus, I needed a plan. The plan came in form of a sheet.

I wrote down all the possible ways I could find blogs related to hacking and decided to give each idea a priority, as to what seems to be the most promising.

Now in order to truly make this worth my while, I figured I would time myself on how long it would take me to find blogs. The result was as followed:

# Day 1
12:55: Start
13:08: 1 Blog found
13:25: End
# Day 2 
9:25: Start
9:30: 1 Blog found
9:41: 1 Blog found
9:42: 9 Blogs found
9:43: 2 Blogs found
9:58: 56 Blogs found
10:18: Break
10:42: 1000+ Blogs found 

I was off to a slow start and I expected it to continue that way. Fortunately, it did not. I quickly started to hit up one treasure trove after another. Lucky me!

Let's Start Digging

In order to start my search and follow my outlined plan, I headed to Google to query for sites such as Quora and Information Security Stack. best hacking blogs

The site: operand tells Google to only search, no other site. best hacking blogs provides the context in which to search. The result?

Quora search for hacking blogs

Seeing that there were lot of results containing questions on life and growth hacking, I refined the search. best hacking blogs -growth -life

Using the '-' operand, I told Google to remove pages that containing these keywords, ending up with a clear list.

Quora search with negative operands for hacking blogs

This is the pattern I followed the first and second day, finding roughly 10 blogs within 45 minutes.

As I thought about my trial, I remembered the Awesome lists on Github that exist on virtually any subject. It seemd an overall better match as well, afterall it's a site for the technically minded. I narrowed my search to github. hacking blogs

The third result was a big hit. It contained 56 cyber security blogs.
Github search for hacking blogs

That was the first hit of the day.

I continued to search and found a few other sites containing list, however, nothing exciting.

I then took a small break and went for a walk, thinking about the problem all the while. I thought and developed all kinds of ideas, but the one that stayed with me was searching pastebin.

Coming back from the break, that's the first thing I did. hacking blogs

Pastebin search for hacking blogs

I followed the first and second link and was hit by a
massive list of sites. Over +1000 blogs. Jackpot!

The Takeaway

It's hard to find a good approach toward finding what you need quickly. This is what I noticed myself during my search:

  1. It's too easy to get distracted. Before searching for anything, note down what you need to find, so you know when you are done. Continually check against that goal.
  2. Strategy is important, but so is doing the work. I don't think I would have found the sites I did, without having previously tried other routes.
  3. Be flexible. Just because I had one way in mind to get there, doesn't mean it was the most effective way. Focus. And stay open at the same time.
  4. Sometimes, it's just luck. Practice can, however, tip the odds in your favor.

Additional thought

Searching for and on Google could have been well worth the time as well. They quickly allow you to find similar sites and domains that point toward a blog.