Pomodoro Timer for the Command Line

Recently I have been focused on learning more about the command line and I started wondering whether there is actually the option to use one technique I truly enjoy on the command line: the pomodoro technique. The idea behind it is to segment your work into 25 minute brackets and do a minimum 5 minute pause between each.

Not only has it helped me become more productive, but it also made my pain go away I had due to repetitive strain on my hands and lack of movement.

While researching, I stumbled upon a non-working command line version of the pomodoro technique on commandlinefu. I have adopted the idea and made it work for Mac OS.

It's quite simple:

# 25 minute interval
sleep 1500 && afplay bell-ring.mp3         
# 5 minute pause
sleep 300 && afplay bell-ring.mp3          

In the future, I'll take some time to further develop this into a small, solid project (set up aliases and develop a proper shell script).