A Journey into Hacking…

It’s hard for me to say what started me on this journey. It’s like every great journey, at one point you just know you need to start. However, if I had to point at something I think it would be my curiosity.

This post, this blog, this journey is about taking the first step. and heading into cyber security not knowing where I will end up at. Just doing it. And taking one step at a time.

Why write about hacking?

In order to learn.

I’m a complete newbie to the field and I want to quickly improve. I want to grow. I want to learn, And I want to contribute to the community.

Hacking is such a complicated topic. There are so many things that one needs to know and one needs to learn that it’s often times difficult to know where to start.

There is, of course, no perfect place to start, but I think learning the small things will make the difference. Thus, I dedicate one post each week to a subject I deem important. With the hope that within 365 days those small parts will have added up to something bigger and will have brought me one step closer to my goal: Starting a career in cyber security.

This is not about my personal struggles, god forbid. Rather, it’s about how to learn hacking more intelligently, how to train myself and how to adopt a hacker mindset.

It’s about a journey to learn to hack!